UNISA online application 2023

UNISA online application 2023

The University of South Africa, UNISA, is one of the best and well-known university in South-Africa. Also, being one of the oldest schools in South-Africa founded in the year 1873 with a history of 140 + years, the University of South Africa aims at the betterment of their education system to provide students with the quality education they desire.

UNISA is one of the largest open distance e-learning institution in Africa. This entails that it provides a system where by its students and teachers can interact despite being separated in both time and distance.

You now have the opportunity to study in this prestigious university, known for its provision of fair and equitable access to education opportunities, by applying for the 2023 admission.

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Applicants for UNISA online application 2023

First-time applicants, UNISA students changing to new qualifications (transfer students), applicants that previously applied but were unable to secure a space and students completing a higher certificate. All aforementioned applicants wanting a new qualification this academic year must apply for admission.

Additional information

UNISA offers open distance e-learning where you read and write of your violation, you are expected to draw out a study schedule that’s suitable for you and stick with it. You are to also submit assignments on time and be prepared for examinations.

All the above mentioned are available provided you have access to a computer and internet, plus you are also a computer literate.


Before you begin your UNISA online application, it is advisable that you have undergone a career counselling or you are certain about the career or qualification you wish to apply for.

It is important to spend time reflecting on your decision what to study. This is due to the fact that choosing a qualification that is not linked to your future career may have implications.

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Applicants are allowed to apply for two qualifications (courses). One, being the primary qualification, which the applicants intentionally wishes the study and the other, being the intermediary qualification, which the applicants might consider offering considering the primary application was denied. It is not also a foolproof plan, you could be denied for both application. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot get accepted for both but you would have to decline one.

Application requirements for UNISA online application 2023

Things to note before applying for UNISA online application 2023:

  1. Get a valid email address. This will be needed to complete the application and to get your acceptance letter.
  2. You’ll need to pay a non-refundable application fee of R125.
  3. All applications for admission are to be done online.
  4. Matric or grade 12 exams or
  5. High school certificate for foreign students or
  6. National certificate Vocational (NCV)

How to apply for UNISA online application 2023

  • To begin your application, Go to the UNISA official website
  • Select the qualifications you wish to apply for.
  • Select “Start process”
  • You will be briefed on the selection and application process for 2023.
  • Next, select your qualifications or course of choice and apply
  • New applicants do not have student number but will be given one after registration.
  • Fill in the required details; your name and surname, date of birth.
  • Complete the rest of the application and submit.
  • Send the proof of payment to susdepid@unisa.ac.za

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